Monday, 12 July 2010


vegetable curry with chickpea pancakes
Vegetable curry with chickpea pancakes

spinach and mushroom slice with roast tomato sauce
Spinach and mushroom slice with roast tomato sauce

banana and papaya pudding
Banana and papaya raw pudding

The veggie curry is from Everyday Vegetarian (Parragon) and the Spinach & Mushroom Slice is adapted from Viva's Artichoke & Mushroom Strudel. This and the Roast Tomato Sauce are both from Viva's Christmas recipes (I know- it's July!).

The veggie curry and chickpea pancakes were excellent. Tasted reasonably authentic, unlike other curry recipes where the potatoes taste like hot watery mush swimming in oil. The veggies are steamed before being added, which I liked.

The banana and papaya pudding is 2 bananas, 1 banana and 2 tbs OJ blended together. Recipe from Alissa Cohen. One of the best raw puddings ever.

Yesterday I planted a big container of organic wheatgrass. My bell pepper plants are starting to fruit, and even though I only had one survivor each of my heirloom physalis and tomato plants, they're doing well and I'm going to have to repot them again. My goji berry plant still looks a bit skinny, even after about 2-3 years. They're supposed to fruit after 3 years, but my plant is only about 30cm tall and looks wimpy. My strawberry planter is also lacking in uh, strawberries. But, on the plus side, my blueberry bush is looking really healthy. I think I'll nickname it Lazarus, since it likes coming back from the dead.

blueberry bush

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