Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Me' garden:


baby bell pepper
Baby bell pepper!




protein shake
Protein smoothie

Smoothie is 2 bananas, hemp protein powder and soy milk. Yum :)

I've just watched The Secret. I read the book yonks ago. The DVD is so funny, not sure if it's intentional or not! I started reading Wallace Wattle's Science of Getting Rich a long time ago too, but the repetition drove me a bit crazy and couldn't progress past the seventh chapter or so. The Secret is a lot more reader/user friendly. It's nice. I like the idea of it.

Went to a veggie meet at the weekend in Claremont Gardens, Esher. Claremont is a lot smaller than I thought, about the size of Osterley Park. A lady there gave us a tour of its history, most of which went over my head as I don't find the royal family very interesting. I didn't see any unusual wildlife there, but there were lots of geese and mandarin ducks. I took my lunch- Holland & Barrett vegan chorizo lattice pasty, Gourmet Raw cocobanana brownie and some coconut water. The chorizo pasty was very nice, probably the best vegan pasty I've had from H&B. The raw brownie was good, but it was a bit pricey (just under £3) probably because of its chunkiness. I ate the whole thing in one go, but it was easily 2 servings as it was so filling, so maybe if I was less greedy, it would work out good value for money.

(From Gourmet Raw)

I really like finding new raw goodies. I got this from Food For Thought in Kingston- they even had chia!

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